Several of our courses are subsidised through the support of community sponsors who, like us, are passionate about reducing the road toll. To allow the greatest flexibility for you or your loved one to attend a Roadcraft driver awareness course, Lay-By payment is available for all of our courses. All Roadcraft courses must be paid for in full prior to attendance. 

Course Payment Options

Roadcraft accepts the following payment methods:

  • Direct Deposit (preferred payment method)
  • Cash
  • Cheque (must allow time to clear before course date)
  • Lay-By (please call us to arrange) - not available for some courses
  • Credit Card - amounts under $1000 only (in person or over the phone)

Roadcraft Course Discounts

Improved roads, safer cars, doubled learner driver hours and a graduated licence system, unfortunately have not resulted in any improvement to the road toll.

The road toll is on the rise. Indeed it’s at epidemic proportions and Roadcraft is not prepared to accept it as a “given”. It is time to consider that education of the drivers might actually be the key to getting some real positive results.

With a stated mission to reduce road trauma by providing road safety education to road users of all ages, Roadcraft has introduced major discounts on public defensive driver courses, in order to make the courses affordable for all drivers.

We want to see as many people educated in the right model of safe, low risk, defensive driving practices as possible, because we know our courses are effective.

As a not-for-profit, community owned incorporated association, with strong values in corporate and social responsibility, this is Roadcraft’s way of giving back to the community.

We wish you safe travels always, but wishing isn’t actually enough – education is the key to reducing road trauma.

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