The Road to a Better Future

Positive long-term change

At Roadcraft, we know that positive, long-term change is desperately needed in order to address the unacceptably high mortality rate on Australian roads. We also know that this change is only going to be achieved when the government, organisations and individuals work together.

With over 40 years of industry experience, we believe we have a comprehensive understanding of effective driver education and, as such, have much to contribute to the conversation. We’re committed to driving positive collaboration between government and industry bodies, other organisations and individuals, working towards a better future for all Australian road users.

The Government

Driver education can and should start with a licensing system that equips drivers with an understanding both of why they should drive safe and how.


Schools, community groups and organisations alike have an opportunity to educate their students, members and staff with the techniques required to drive safe.


Whilst it may be impossible to control everything on the roads, a Roadcraft course can teach you, the individual, how to predict, respond to and safely navigate unforeseen and dangerous circumstances.

Driver educators to the QAS

We’re particularly proud to be driver educators of the Queensland Ambulance Service, teaching our state’s paramedics techniques for safely travelling to and from emergency situations in a time-critical but safe manner.