As you will be aware, many factors contribute to safety on the road. Driver health is an important consideration and drivers must meet certain medical standards to ensure that their health status does not increase their crash risk. Roadcraft offers Driving (medical, not licensing) Assessments conducted by our Senior Driver Educators, who are qualified Trainers and Assessors.

Assessing your fitness to drive - vision, hazard perception and information processing

What is a driver assessment?

Drivers are assessed on and off road covering:

  • Effective manoeuvre and stopping of their vehicle
  • Awareness of other vehicles on the road
  • Awareness of posted speed limits
  • Response to these limits
  • Ability to maintain flow with traffic
  • Smooth use of controls
  • Correct use of indicators, brakes and mirrors
  • Adherence to road law
  • Geographic perspective
  • Mobility problems
  • Driver’s reaction to threats – parked cars, pedestrians, oncoming and merging traffic

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