Roadcraft customers attend our defensive driving courses for many different reasons, but all course participants leave with a better understanding of the importance of driver awareness in staying safe on the road.

Student Drivers

"I believe everyone should attend this course so as to improve all drivers and make roads safer."


March 2015

"I think absolutely every young person/adult should do this course so WORTH IT! I am so so appreciative of Roadcraft for doing this for us, it is a fantastic course."


June 2015

"The course was extremely professional and the instructors experienced. This should be a mandatory course before getting P's."


March 2015

"I learned the importance of observation, anticipation, concentration and always keeping eyes up."


February 2015

Learner Drivers

"My friend died last year in a car crash and it made me want to be more aware of driving. Gained lots and lots of knowledge that can help me in the future. Was a great course."


October 2015

"I wanted to learn the correct way to drive safely before I fell into bad habits. I really enjoyed this [course], I'm definitely more aware but less scared."


October 2015

"I am now more aware of what it takes to be aware as a driver and how to be safer. Great course. I think it should be compulsory."


November 2015

"I have gained more knowledge than I was expecting, but will be going home a more careful and aware driver. Thank you so much for this experience."


November 2015

"I [now] understand that driving is a lot more complex than I thought and it takes a lot of concentration to make sure I can drive safely."


March 2015

Provisional Drivers

"What did I learn? A lot! Bracing, Eyes up! Wait space and 3 second rule will probably stick to most."


December 2014

"This course was a gift to me and my recently licensed sister, who in her first week of her P's had a minor incident. Very grateful to my parents."


January 2017

"I was surprised how little is taught to P Platers and I think this course should be mandatory for new drivers."


January 2016

"I now have an understanding that smoother = safer and the knowledge that my car does not have ABS and I am human."


July 2015

"I have gained knowledge about driving and never knew something as basic could stop a crash…. 1 more second."


February 2015

"This course should be mandatory for all persons trying to obtain a licence or should be included for persons buying new cars to learn their cars handling."


March 2014

Adult Drivers

"[This course taught me to] train my mind into forward thinking and awareness when in charge of a motor vehicle."


November 2015

"I want to thank Roadcraft Driver Education for the defensive driving course back in 2010 which saved my life."



"Great course, excellent trainer. Will be sending my wife… and kids."


February 2017

Safe Towing Drivers

"Invaluable knowledge and an insight into the 'real' skills required when towing / manoeuvering a trailer or caravan.


August 2017

"The course gave me confidence to keep practising towing and reversing as I wouldn't even have a go at towing prior. Mike has given us so much knowledge on all aspects of towing, driving and caravaning. I can't thank him enough for his guidance and trust."


November 2017

"I will promote this course to all of my caravan friends. Some are too afraid to learn - this course really helps with anxiety and can improve on any skill level."


October 2017

"Thanks Mike. Glad we heard about Roadcraft. Definitely will encourage others to attend. Money well spent. More benefit than we expected."


November 2017

"I would like to express my complete satisfaction with my Roadcraft experience. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn, sharpen skills and be brought up to date with current road rules. Mike was a natural instructor who was very personable, enjoyed a good laugh and made the course what it was for me."


July 2017

"Very good course, learnt everything and more that I expected. Trainer very patient and kept the course vital and interesting."


February 2017

"I had never even towed a trailer before today. I can now manoeuvre a 21 foot van and feel comfortable with evasive and emergency braking."


June 2016

"My wife and I would like to express our sincere appreciation to Roadcraft, Rod and Mark for the excellent STC program we have just completed.
It is without doubt one of the best courses in terms of valuable, lifesaving knowledge and skills practice."


March 2016

4WD Drivers

"The professional quality of the instructor to pass on his knowledge was outstanding."


June 2016

"The professionalism was just mind blowing plus knowledge of how to approach each situation."


June 2016

Mature Drivers

"This course has helped with my confidence to continue driving safely."


April 2017

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