At Roadcraft, we employ a team of Educators with a high level of experience in driver education and course design. Our Driver Educators are all qualified, highly competent, and arguably some of Australia’s leading people in this field. Our purpose built driver training facility at Gympie provides the safest possible educational environment. Not only do our educators obtain the necessary qualifications, but each Educator undergoes a lengthy selection, induction and internal training process.

Sharlene Makin, Roadcraft Gympie

Sharlene Makin

Chief Executive Officer

Sharlene has had a wealth of experience (of some 30years) in all facets of Business Management including Finance, Administration Management, Human Resources, Compliance, Public Relations, Systems analysis and improvement. Sharlene places great importance on positive leadership, professionalism and fastidious attention to detail.

She believes that the number one priority in any...

Glen Jocumsen, Roadcraft Gympie

Glen Jocumsen

Operations Manager

Glen is a trade qualified builder who has also had 15 years of professional driving experience, including extensive coach and articulated heavy vehicle driving. Part of this experience includes two x 5-day defensive driving courses. Glen also spent 12 years training and mentoring the unemployed back into employment....

Max Parnell, Roadcraft Gympie

Max Parnell

Senior Driver Educator

Max has 40 years’ experience in high school teaching/Principal. He has also been heavily involved in motorsport over the last 35 years and is presently involved in Historic Motor Sport (Jaguar Historic Racing).

Rick Southon, Roadcraft Gympie

Rick Southon

Senior Driver Educator

Rick is a trade qualified builder and has an extensive background in domestic and commercial construction, civil earthworks, civil construction and construction maintenance. Rick was a partner in a civil construction business for many years. Rick started his Roadcraft career as the Maintenance Officer and worked in this role for...

Peter Hope, Roadcraft Gympie

Peter Hope

Senior Driver Educator

Peter has been employed by Education Queensland since 1979, teaching all year levels from Grades 1 to 7. In 2010, Peter was nominated for a National Excellence in Teaching Award (Inspirational Teaching). Peter believes that his passion for teaching would only be highlighted here at Roadcraft with his keen interest...

Bruce Woodstock, Roadcraft Gympie

Bruce Woodstock

Senior Driver Educator

Before Roadcraft, Woody was involved in the transport and tourism industry for over 40 years. During this time, he has operated his own transport company, worked for Greyhound Australia, and North and Western Coaches. He also conducted four-wheel driving tours on Fraser Island, as well as working with Polley’s Coaches...

Michael Carter, Roadcraft Gympie

Michael Carter

Driver Educator

Mike has over 30 years’ experience towing a variety of caravans and, in 2004/5, travelled around Australia towing a caravan for two years. Mike loves attending Caravan and 4WD expos on behalf of Roadcraft, and brings a lot of knowledge to this aspect of his job. Prior to joining Roadcraft,...

Rod Frain, Roadcraft Gympie

Rod Frain

Driver Educator

Rod was employed by the Queensland Police Force from 1977 to 2013. During his time there, Rod delivered driver training to police recruits in regular police vehicles as well as 4WDs. When Rod retired he had worked his way through to the Rank of Acting Inspector. Rod has many awards...

Craig Bennett, Roadcraft Gympie

Craig Bennett

Driver Educator

Craig has over 20 years’ experience with Queensland Ambulance Service as a paramedic. Craig had several roles during his time with QAS including educating and mentoring paramedic students to operate emergency vehicles in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Craig finds driver training to be very rewarding and achieves great satisfaction...

Paul Mardon, Roadcraft Gympie

Paul Mardon

Driver Educator

Paul has been involved with Emergency Services for over 21 years, including 11 years as an operational firefighter with Qld Fire and Emergency Services. Paul facilitates a number of roles within QFES including education roles. Paul has been educating and instructing at State and Regional levels for Recruit Training, Road...

Tony Milekic, Roadcraft Gympie

Tony Milekic

Driver Educator

Tony has over 25 years’ experience in driver education roles in Victoria, including senior lecturing roles in driver training and heavy vehicle driver training. Tony has trained and consulted six Victorian Government departments including Victorian Police, Victorian Ambulance, the Defence Force, Department of Human Services and Victoria University. Tony has...

Warren Daley, Roadcraft Gympie

Warren Daley

Driver Educator

Warren was working as a taxi driver trainer in Perth and enrolled in Roadcraft training to improve his driver education expertise. Warren was so impressed with the Roadcraft philosophy and methodology that he applied for a Driver Educator role. Warren then made the move from Perth and has been teaching...

Mark Veach, Roadcraft Gympie

Mark Veach

Driver Educator

Mark became aware of the good work we do at Roadcraft and was very keen to be part of it and help to prevent road trauma. Mark also saw an opportunity to use his mentoring skills; something he has enjoyed for many years.

With a background in Workplace Health and Safety,...

Michael McCulkin, Roadcraft Gympie

Michael McCulkin

Trainee Driver Educator

Michael has extensive experience and comes to Roadcraft with a background in Police driver training, and also the operation of his own registered training organisation delivering 4WD training in New South Wales.

Michael currently teaches the Roadcraft 4WD courses and has commenced his internal training in the unique Roadcraft curriculum...

Ray Gresham, Roadcraft Gympie

Ray Gresham

Trainee Driver Educator

Ray had the benefit of a Roadcraft course a few decades ago, and says the investment in time and money has paid off many times over in keeping him and his family safe on the road.

After selling his dairy farm, and drawing on his teaching and mentoring skills gained from...

Kelly Greaney, Roadcraft Gympie

Kelly Greaney

Compliance Officer

Kelly’s former role of Administration Officer saw her develop a keen interest in compliance, and especially compliance requirements for Roadcraft’s aspirations to become accredited as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Kelly has been instrumental in Roadcraft achieving that accreditation, which has resulted in Kelly’s promotion to Compliance Officer.

Joanne Lewis, Roadcraft Gympie

Joanne Lewis

Administration Officer

Joanne is multi-talented with varied experience in many facets of Administration. She attends to clients’ varied enquiries and processes bookings with customer service and satisfaction at the top of her priorities.

Chris Rowe, Roadcraft Gympie

Chris Rowe

Maintenance Officer

Chris has extensive background in construction, civil earthworks, civil construction and maintenance. Chris is mechanically minded and operated his own Excavator and Bobcat business for many years. Chris has worked for the Gold Coast City Council, Gympie Regional Council and numerous smaller civil companies. Chris has numerous plant and equipment...

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