Since 1980, Roadcraft has been providing industry leading education to road uses of all ages. Over this time, we have developed courses that have proven to be truly effective. Corporate clients who have fully embraced Roadcraft’s training philosophy and programs have consistently given excellent feedback on how these courses positively enhance their safe driving and risk reduction practices.

At Roadcraft, we believe it is possible to become safer more aware drivers by knowing, understanding and applying the key principles of low risk, defensive driving. Our courses are designed not just to develop vehicle control skills, but more importantly we employ a philosophical approach to instil a higher awareness and develop a greater risk appreciation in drivers of the consequences of inappropriate risk taking behaviours.


Our two highest priorities are to educate all road users in how to develop advanced observation techniques by using their vision more effectively, and how to avoid being involved in potentially dangerous traffic situations by managing their time and space. If we can identify risk and avoid danger earlier, there is less need for more advanced driving skills, and we can then ensure we arrive in a more relaxed and purposeful state of mind.

Roadcraft Gympie Driver Educators
Roadcraft Gympie Drummond Drive

At Roadcraft, we employ a team of Educators with a high level of experience in driver education and course design. Our Driver Educators are all qualified and arguably some of Australia’s leading people in this field. Our purpose built driver training facility at Gympie provides the safest possible educational environment. We have modern air conditioned classrooms, a kitchen area and meal facilities to cater for large or small groups.

Our courses all contain a balanced blend of theory and practice, each reinforcing the other. Without the theory, understanding is not possible. Without the practice, translation of the theory to the real-life road environment experience is not possible.

Roadcraft prefers to work with relatively small numbers of participants within a course so that our educators can address any particular issues that may be of concern, and provide individual attention with positive, constructive feedback to assist every participant develop the ability to successfully adapt the systems and techniques advocated into their everyday driving.

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